Half-brother of Dōsan


Kōsa was a monk at the temple of Osano-wo before joigning his half-brother when he founded the Jōdo Shinshū sect. He brought back with him his bisento wizardry, as well as a certain impetuousness, from his stay there. Fiery and idealistic he ran into trouble with his teachers there as he favored the Tao of Shinsei over the study of Fortunes’ strictures. Kōsa managed to convince Dōsan let him include bisento training as part of the monk curriculum for the Jōdo Shinshū since it would be beneficial to instill discipline and provide an outlet for the liveliness of young monks.

The young man is cutting a dashing figure, he has caught the eye of quite a few of the womenfolk. Virtuous and compassionate, Kōsa is a firm believer of Dōsan’s teaching. He’s driven to provide a better life for the heimin. Like his two brothers Dōsan and Yoshishige, he is a trained healer.


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