Founder of the Jōdo Shinshū sect


Four Temple Monk (Devotion: Shintao)

Total 40 pt + 9pt from Starting flaw + 3pt (20 questions bonus) + 13pt (XP gained) + 3 pt (Bonus flaw)
Unused pt: 10

Honor: 7.0
Glory: 0
Status: 1
Insight 130 (include +3 from Courtier mastery lvl3) (Rank 1) (School rank 1)

Technique: Soul of Civility (+2k2) when spending void point for High Skill roll or Social roll

School Skills:
Etiquette: 1
Jiujutsu: 1
Lore: Theology 1
-Emphasis: Shintao
Meditation: 3 (5pt)
Courtier: 3 (5pt)
-Emphasis: Rhetoric (2pt)
Medicine: 5 (14pt)
-Emphasis: Disease, Wound Treatment (4pt)
Perform (Oratory/Awareness): 1

Investigation: 1 (1pt)
Sincerity: 1 (1pt)

Mastery Abilities:
Meditation (Rank 3): A successful Meditation Skill Roll restores up to 2 Void Points.
Courtier (Rank 3): The character gains an additional +3 Insight above the total normally indicated by his Rings and Skill Ranks.
Medecine (Rank 5): The amount of Wounds healed on a successful Medicine roll is increased by +1k0.

Earth: 2 (Stamina 2/Willpower 2)
Air: 2 (Reflex 2/Awareness 3)
Fire: 2 (Agility 2/Intelligence 3) (12pt)
Water: 2 (Strength 2/Perception 2)
Void: 3

Advantages (14pt) + (Bonus)

Disavantages (9pt) + (Bonus)

-To the last breath (Kharmic – Void 3)
-Ride the Water Dragon (Kharmic – Water 3)
-Void Fist (Martial – Void 4)

Equipment: Walking Stick, Coarse and plain Travelling Cloathing, Scroll Satchell with passages from the Tao, Medicine Kit (6 charges)


Dōsan comes from inconsequential Shimozuma family of ji-samurai background, vassal of the Matsu family. Historicly been blessed with numerous sons over many generations but with little land to share among them, a lot of Shimozuma became monks until it became a family tradition. When the eldest chose to forgo his family name and take the mantle of a monk rather than take over the family estate, that wasn’t seen as an abnormal choice. While at first in part expedited by need, the family piety was entirely genuine.

Now known only as Dōsan, for near on forty years, he has been a monk in the order of Four Temples. Ensconced in the order’s temple in Toshi Ranbo, the life he has led has been self-effaced and devout. While during that time Dōsan became an accomplished healer, something interfered with his quest for enlightenment. Abbot Sadao, sensing his subtle uneasyness, suggested that Dōsan accomplish a pilgrimage to the Four Temple shrine of Kyuden Doji.

“Once you have seen the sea, perhaps will you return with a wave…”

As fate would have it, Dōsan never reached his intended destination nor returned to Toshi Rambo.

While journeying through the Lion clan domain Dōsan saw first hand the abuses committed by Matsu Ichiro, the son of Governor Matsu Katsuo. The monk took upon himself to rectify the situation and tried to warn the father of the excess of his son. Witnessing the attack of Matsu Ichiro by a ronin paid by the angry villagers to assassinate the troublesome samuraï, Dōsan managed to convince the ronin to spare the young man’s life by promising on his life his future good behavior.

In thanks for saving his son, the governor offered Dōsan some unused land to setup for a small shrine. So in the land of the Lion Clan, the Jōdo Shinshū sect was born…


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