Five Rings Rising is my first L5R campaign.

I’ve never played the RPG, but have come to love the setting through years of playing the CCG. As is often the case with this sort of thing, I eventually came to the conclusion that the only way I would get to try it would be if I fell on the GM grenade.

I’ve only ever DMed D&D (2E, 3.x and 4E) and my campaigns are usually focused on character stories/development with a great dose of tactical combat. This is likely going to be a significant challenge, but with a good cast of characters, I’m confident that I’ll be able to bake a tasty adventure cake.

The player characters:
Dōsan, an older, very devout, monk with a particularly soft heart for the heimin that make up the base of Rokugani society.

Mirumoto Takeshi, a Dragon-clan samurai driven to excel by a painful, but secret past.

Musashsi Nanbu a young, hard to read, ji-samurai, a samuraï from one of the great clans’ vassal family, willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his lord’s goal.

Shima Arika, a young Phoenix shugenja, obsessed with his quest to discover new and powerful magic.

Our story starts shortly after the race for the throne, in 1170. The Divine Empress Iweko I has just ascended the throne. While the recent conflicts are officially over, many clans and samurai are still sore over real and perceived insults and betrayals. This is the climate in which our campaign begins.

Unless indicated differently on this site, the campaign follows canon.

Five Rings Rising

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