Five Rings Rising

The Tao of Heiwa (part 1)

Learning is to a man as the leaves and branches are to a tree, and it can be said that he should simply not be without it. The heavens have blessed me with curiosity and anamnesis, and for my whole life, I have endeavored myself to not have this gift be squandered.

During my time at in Four Temple Order, I met people from all walks of life and took an interest in the trade of all willing to impart of their expertise. Some of this only serves to satiate my inquisitive mind but at other time this knowledge helped me in my duties. A great many time I was able treat cases of poisoning due to my knowledge of wild plants and mushroom which I acquired from peasants and hunters.

During my tenure as a healer, I tended cases of all sorts, from the benign chickenpox to the virulent and unforgiving pneumonic plague. Of all the things I’ve seen, nothing compares to the horrors of the maho-tsukai. Five years ago during Daigotsu’s invasion of Otosan Uchi, I did see the wounds inflicted by the creatures of the Shadowlands and the foul deformities of those corrupted by the Taint. While I had not gazed with my own eyes a maho-tsukai or any of their abominations, I did hear first hand, from the bushi and shugenja that had fought them, the power of the undead and those who control them. This experience possibly saved my life and that of the Young Master and his friend, Mirumoto Takeshi.

While we were investigating the disappearances of some of my flock, we stumbled upon a group of kyonshi up on a hill. It was a terrifying sight and it took all my willpower to maintain my composure. Luckly, I recalled the words of a seasoned Crab bushi I had once under my care. He had told me decapitation was the most expedite way to dispatch them. I yelled this instruction to Ichiro-san and Takeshi-san who rapidly complied. In the span of six breaths, the battle was over.

Following this encounter, we sent for messengers to governor Katsuo asking for him to come as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we enlisted of a young Eta named Junkei to burn the kyonshi and the other corrupted corpses lying around. Sadly, the Young Master’s friend had been wounded by one of the kyonshi during the battle and there is a possibility that he has been infected. While my knowledge of medicine is extensive, it is not without boundaries. I had seen the ravages of the taint on those that fought this evil but there is much about the Taint I do not know. I could not determine if an infection had indeed taken place or what to do about it. Katsuo-sama suggested to Takeshi-san to have his wounds be checked by a healer of renown residing in the City of the Rich Frog, Shosuro Satoru. Additionnally, the governor ordered that Takeshi-san and I escort Junkei, the eta, to the healer so that he reports on what he saw on corrupted bodies. The governor specifically requested that no one in our escort address the eta on what had just transpired. I understand the need for secrecy on this matter, but my heart is not at ease. I fear that once Junkei-san has transmitted his information to the healer, they choose to dispose of him. I can only hope his fate is not already sealed. Eta
Little Bird and the Ghost Flower

One morning, I discovered an older Phoenix shugenja at my master’s doorstep. The man was catatonic and feverish but had no wounds on his body. My master informed the Phoenix clan of this and word came down that they were sending someone to pick the man up. In the meantime, the older bird took a turn for the worse.

The bird’s nephew, Isawa Arika, arrived approximately two weeks after the first missive was sent to his clan. Isawa Arika and my master spent a lot of time discussing the bird’s condition. Having little healing knowledge, I did not understand all that I heard but at the end it did not matter. The bird’s condition required a very rare and special flower, called a Ghost Lotus to treat his infliction. As a result I was tasked by my master to go with Isawa Arika in a swamp south of the city where this flower can be found. As we need to keep the situation very discreet, both Isawa Arika and I will have travelling papers to go to a temple south of the city and I will accompany him in the role of a yojimbo.
Before we retired for the night, I listened while my master explained to the little bird the reason of the current dispute between the Lion and Unicorn around Toshi sano Kanemochi Kaeru and the possibility of war the coming summer. This may explain why the level of crime has been reduced to a bare minimum in the city. Each side is planning and preparing their forces for the upcoming conflict.

At first light, we both get underway. After a day of travel, we stop at a traveler cabin before we enter the swamp on the following morning. We both assumed that no guard duty would be required for the night… We were wrong, as a thief came into the cabin to steal some food from my pack. With my hunting skill, we were able to track the thief through the swamp. After a long pursuit we nearly caught the thief (a mere child !!!) but it evaded us. We continued to follow her when we were caught in some traps… and ambushed by several children and teenagers.

After some negotiations with these orphans and scum, one teenager guided us through the swamp closer to the area were we could find the flower. After some time, we did find the location of a multitude of ghost flowers. I approached the flower to be able to pick it up when something grabbed my ankle and all hell broke loose. The flower was part of a creature of the like I have never seen. In the following combat I have learned very important facts: some creatures are resistant to the damage from a katana and the little bird has several terrible powers such as bursting into flame or creating balls of fire and some useful ones such as healing damage taken in combat.

According to the little bird, I was unconscious for 30 min when the creature tried to take possession of me but the little bird intervened to keep me safe. That is frightening, to be at the mercy of any bird for so long… and if it is true that he saved me from the creature, I owe him my life. This is not acceptable. I will have to discharge this debt asap.
When we walked out of the swamp, we forgot to clean ourselves up and disgraced ourselves when investigated by a samurai from the Unicorn clan.

Upon my first contact with Isawa Arika, the wisdom of my elders seems justified. Birds from the Pheonix Clan combine arrogance with incredible power but they can be manipulated with ease as I was able to draw a fountain of personal information from Isawa Arika. Still, I am not used to dealing with shugenja and I am uncertain if the success of my manipulation is due to the tired state of Isawa Arika after a day’s walk or inept social skills (due to his physical appearance). I need to proceed with caution when dealing with this little bird.

Takeshi - Log 2
Takeshi log 2

Takeshi Log 2

During a quiet day at my village, I was summoned to see my father, Yuuta. He told me that the that Governor, Matsu Katsuo and his son, Ichiro of the Lion clan had extended an invitation for me to spend the coming winter season as a guest among their family.

Now why would they invite a young Dragon to spend time with them? Matsu Ichiro was a pretentious young Lion Warrior who defeated me at the Topaz tournament. As I recall last time, Ichiro was a self-centered, egotistical babbling idiot who was too sure of his himself. If I went, it could prove to be a very long summer! But maybe this could be an opportunity to learn some of their techniques. The young Lion did have some skills and it would also shift my mind to other things. Father also encouraged me to go as it would permit me to start following my own path. So it was settled, I would go and meet up with Ichiro-san.

During my travels south, I made my way to Toshi sano Kanemochi Kaeru, the city of the Rich Frog. The culture is very different and it is impressive to see all the strong riders and their war horses. Travel was pleasant.

After many weeks of travel, I entered the Lion kingdom. The culture here is very different. I can’t believe the number of times that some random patrol of Lion Samurai stopped me to ask my travel papers. It was surely exasperating! In any case, I finally arrive at the Matso village, and was greeted with a warm welcome.

I met up with Ichiro and was caught off guard to see how he had changed. He was longer the babbling idiot I had once met. I was shown a to a nice room on their family’s estate. When I met up with Ichiro later, he showed me around the village and the local dojo. I was pleased to learn that I would be able to practice thereat my leisure.

Ichiro explained to me he was apologetic of his attitude during the Topaz Championship. He also explained that his new found vision on life was because of a monk called Dōsan, advisor to the Governor. Ichiro later introduced me to Dōsan, an elderly man. One could see by the way he spoke that he was full of life’s wisdom.

During my stay at the Matsu’s, I was well treated as their guest. I attended their family dinners and most of the time, I was a quiet observer. But one evening, I found the discussions to be particularly insulting. The courtiers seemed to be speaking out against the Governor and some harsh words were said. I could no longer take the attitude of some and spoke out to one of them. I am sure I offended the courtier, but his words were equally offending to the Samurai way. The rest of the evening was agonizing as you could feel the tension in the room.

Later during the winter, I was invited by Ichiro-San and Dōsan to visit the countryside and investigate the disappearances of some local villagers. The road was long and particularly hard on the ears. Not the most entertaining. But just when I thought things could not get worse, I spotted some dark birds circling in the sky and perched on nearby trees.

Our group decided to investigate and as we went over a small hill, we saw terrifying picture. It looked like a mass grave of butchered, bloodied people that were piled one upon another. And just then, we were taken by a greater surprise as three of the dead corpses stood up and attacked us. During the battle, Dōsan yelled and said we could kill the foul ones by cutting their heads. With great agility, Ichiro and I quickly dispatched these walking dead abominations. During the battle I was scratched by one of the undead and could see Dōsan worried look.


We quickly formed a perimeter and summoned the Governor. Matsu Katsuo. He seemed worried by what he saw and immediately demanded explanations. As we explained what happened, his worried look grew. I was told that my wound may be infected. The governor instructed that I should go to the City of the Rich Frog to seek healing. I travel quickly and escort the eta and Dōsan to the city. We were also instructed to not speak of what had transpired here to anyone, except to the people we were to meet in the City of the Rich Frog.

Le Voyage d'Isawa et le lotus Fantôme

Somme toute, il est vraiment hors du commun de s’engager dans certaines actions à n’importe quel temps. Me voici donc à voyager en hiver, vers la ville de la Riche Grenouille afin de recueillir un parent de la famille. La route est longue est ennuyeuse, parsemer trop souvent de vérification de passeport de voyage – je suis samouraï, je suis honnête, pourquoi toujours ces défis d’identité. Enfin, c’est un mal nécessaire afin que la société puisse être en harmonie.

Je suis finalement arrivé chez Maître Shosuro, où mon parent a été recueilli généreusement. Je me suis présenter et ai agi selon le code normal. Par contre, je sens une certaine tension, une certaine déférence à mon endroit qui ne devrait pas y être, je ne suis qu’un simple Samouraï, pas encore reconnue pour mon honneur et mes accomplissements, pourquoi me traite-t-on comme maître à part entière – ceci mérite réflexion. Mon parent doit avoir la priorité de mes actions.

J’ai remarqué que mon parent ne semble plus touchés par les Kami, il est en quelques sorte une zone vide des éléments. Cette situation particulière fait en sorte que maître Shosuro reconnait une possible situation très rare chez mon parent. Je dois trouver une fleur spéciale, le lotus fantôme, qui devrait être en mesure de le guérir. Pour cette quête, maître Shosuro offre les services d’un de ses samouraïs: Nanbu. Nous partons donc le lendemain à la rechercher de cette fameuse fleur de lotus.

En route, nous avons la désagréable surprise de se faire voler par des va-nu-pieds sans honneurs. Nous avons tôt fait de les retrouver, de leur remémorer leur place dans ce monde et ainsi affirmer notre honneur et place. Suite à cette rencontre, nous avons pu déterminer l’endroit où il est probable de trouver ce lotus fantôme.

Nous avons finalement trouvé le lotus en pataugeant dans le marécage. Lorsque nous étions prêts à prendre cette fleur, surprise, nous fûmes attaqués par une plante bizarre sortant de l’eau marécageuse. Cette créature sortie de nulle part essaye de nous terrasser – sans succès immédiat. Le combat fit range quelques secondes, ma maîtrise du feu a rapidement fait son effet et le corps créature a sombré dans l’eau. Cette escarmouche était sans compter la faculté de contrôle mental de la créature, qui a saisi mon compagnon de voyage Nanbu dans sa perfidie sournoise. Encore une fois, ma maîtrise des éléments et ma grande connaissance des plantes fur à la hauteur et je réussis à arracher Nanbu du control de cette créature et empêcher in-extremis la transformation de celui en lotus fantôme (j’imagine maintenant que Nanbu est mon obliger pour une faveur, puisque mes connaissances et compétence lui on directement sauvé la vie). Une fois le control rompu, le coup de grâce de la créature fut asséné par le katana de Nanbu.

Le retour à la ville de la Riche Grenouille fut humiliant : sale, frigorifier par l’eau du marécage et fatiguer, nous fûmes encore contrôler pour notre voyage. Mais nous avons finalement pus atteindre la ville et remettre de l’ordre dans notre vie. Maître Shosuro commença à faire la mixture afin d’aider mon parent, tout en écoutant avec une certaine perplexité les nouveaux éléments connus du lotus fantôme. J’espère que cette mixture aidera mon parent et que je pourrais rapporter de bonne nouvelle à mon clan.

Letter to Matsu Katsuo

Governor Matsu,

In lights of the recents events I felt it was most prudent not to wait until my return to share with you what has transpired.

Master Satoru had a patient under his care named Isawa Masaka that had been corrupted by the powers of the maho. Shortly after our arrival the poor man succumbed to this evil and proceeded to attack the residents of the household. The shugenja had turned into a kyonshi, but of a stronger form than those we had encountered. It had retained some of his knowledge of his prior life, and thus, was able to cast spells. Fortunatly, ever valorous, Mirumoto Takeshi once again rose to the occasion and slain the abomination before anyone was seriously injured.
Undead chuda final sm

I inquired to the other guests, Master Shosuro’s apprentice, Nambu Musashi and Isawa Arika, the victim’s nephew, if they knew the circontances by which Isawa Masaka had been corrupted. Unfortunatly, they did not know. The man had been brought to Master Shosuro’s home and left their door steps, it not known by whom. I could not establish if the Isawa Masaka had fell victim to a maho-tsukai or if he was a practitioner himself, consumed by the black art.

Master Satoru interrogated the eta at length but he was not able to enlighten us further in the manner the dead heimin were slain and corrupted or in the nature of what was at play. Unfortunatly, his knowledge of the Taint seems to mirror mine. However, he did have some medicine he provided Takeshi-san, which should chase away any trace of the Taint that might have taken hold in his body. Master Shosuro offered us hospitality, but it was not the last of the perils we had to suffer that day. In the middle of the night, we were attacked by three assailants armed with ninja-to. I was lucky to escape any harm but if it were not for the stalwartness of my companions I would have not seen another day.

I fear this assassination attempt is related to our investigation on the maho-tsukai activities since we were attacked indiscriminatly. One of the attackers was captured and I will try to interogate him to see if I can confirm my suspicion. My host spoke of using torture to extract information out of him but I will try to let me convince the assassin to tell us what he knows willingly. A desperate man will say anything to save himself but someone who want to save his soul has no reason to offuscate his heart.

I must apologize that I this moment I am not able to bring you more answers. I will endeavor myself to be your eyes and ears on this matter.


Le jour d'après

L’espace d’un instant, le rêve et le bonheur existe, de retour de ce marécage boueux, froid et nuisible. Maître Shosoro est un hôte attentionner et louable. M’aidant à progresser dans ma connaissance des herbes et de la médecine, nous préparons le thé qui servira à mon parent de remède contre le mal qui l’afflige depuis maintenant quelques jours au moins.

Dès le matin, la concoction est prête et nous sommes à toute fin pratique prêt à soulager le mal qui le ronge. Je me dois en rétrospective constater comment maître Shosoro est est convoiter par ses pairs. Plusieurs intervention de Nanbu ont fait que nous avons pu administrer une partie de la tisane à mon parent, par contre maître Shusoro n’était pas présent – hôte oblige – des invités prioritaires étant arrivés.

Que de confusion, traitrise et haine dans les secondes qui ont suivi l’administration de la tisane médicamenté. Soudainement mon parent est devenu un mort-vivant enragé et ensanglanté! De plus, il a essayé de me terrasser avec sa magie noire, me paralysant le bras dans sa veine tentative. DE cette agression s’en suivit une escarmouche saccadée et ponctuer de coup de katana et de brulure de Kami.

Quelle excitation et quel malheur, mon parent mort, transformer en affreuse créature que les Crabe devrait avoir déjà éliminé depuis des générations. Le fait est que cette créature ayant l’apparence de mon parent n’est pas naturel ni de ce monde. Maître Shusoro a par le fait même commencé une investigation dans la mesure de ses moyens afin de clarifier la situation. La journée for mouvementer, nous fûmes offert le gîte avec les autres invités résidant de maître Shusoro, un Samourai Lion qui semble honorable et fort bien former en l’utilisation de son katana et un moine.

Une insulte à ma ma personne ainsi qu’à ses invités, maître Shusoro s’est fait surprendre durant la nuit par des brigands de grand chemin se faisant passer pour des ninjas assassins. Quel insulte effectivement, par contre ces brigands on tenter de me tuer, ainsi que les hôtes de maître Shusoro. Par notre maîtrise de notre art de combat, les trois brigands son mort rapidement sauf un qui doit maintenant se faire interroger par maître Shusoro. Je dois souligner que maître Shusoro a racheter son honneur en nous offrant de meilleur condition afin de terminer la nuit dans une chambre individuel.

The Tao of Heiwa (part 2)

As fate has cast us with the most unlikely of allies, I am reminded of a fable famously told by Shinsei to Bayushi at the tournement of the Kami. Even though most of the readers will be familiar with the fable, it is useful to put it to paper for the sake of discussion.

The Scorpion and the Frog

A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back to the other side because he cannot swim.

The frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion says, “Because I need your help, I like you.”

The frog is satisfied and allows the scorpion to climb on his back and they set out. Suddenly, in midstream, the scorpion stings the frog.

The frog feels the onset of paralysis and starts to sink. Just before the water swallows it whole, the frog has just enough time to gasp “Why?”

The scorpion replies: “But little frog, I can swim.”

Scorpion and frog

It is said that Shinsei’s story made such an impression on Bayushi that he decided to he decided to adopt the scorpion for his mon and build its clan on the principle of the fable; «Do not expose your true nature, and others will always underestimate your capabilities.»

It is a little known fact that Shinsei actually was retelling an ancient parable and changed the scorpion reply from its original: «It is my nature». By this subtle change, Shinsei completely altered the meaning of the parable. In the original version, both the frog and scorpion drown due to the latter’s action. The parable served a warning to those who acts without restraint, that, through their impulsive behavior, they are a danger to themselves and to others.

It is not known what were Shinsei’s intention of modifying the parable but it can be argued that the moral of the modified version is inferior to the original as it runs counter to the precept of Bushido of compassion and glorifies the duplicitous behavior of the scorpion. But pershaps Shinsei sensed the path Bayushi was taking and meant for the new parable to serve as a warning to those who tread with scorpions.

The scorpion’s stinger is not as dangerous as his honeyed words.

O mae wa mo shindeiru

The interrogation of the prisoner yield information that clearly show that the Jade magistrate knows by my Master is a Jade Brother of the Bloodspeakers who is traveling to the Lion lands. This create an opportunity that need to be carefully cultivated.

During our travel to follow the Jade Brother, I have discovered that Dosan is a bakana hito. He must be favored by the heaven to have reach his venerable age without wisdom and proper respect to his better. While I will not take his life yet since he may a part to play yet in the upcoming events against the Bloodspeakers (and the upcoming war), others may not show the same restraint. .. I shall not shed a tear if it happen before I lose my own self-controlled.

Shitsureina maneshinai desu ne
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Enquête et Insulte

Maître Shusoro dans sa bienveillance nous a informés des résultats de son enquête avec le survivant des assassins. Fait étonnant et coïncidence remarquable, le magistrat de Jade pourrait être la même personne que le frère de Jade. Fait troublant mains néanmoins sans fondement présentement. Afin de clarifier les choses et rassembler des faits, nous avons décidé de partir, Dosan le moine sans respect, Mirumoto Takeshi fine lame du clan dragon et Musashsi Nanbu hôte très attentif.

La route est comme les autres, sans éclat ni surprise. J’ai l’honneur de faire la connaissance de maître Matsu Ichiro dans un village non loin de notre destination. Après lui avoir résumé la situation des démons-zombie, il nous accorde sont soutiens pour étendre nos recherches dans la région. Ayant autorité sur le territoire au nom de son père maître Matsu Katsuo, nous savons que nous avons l’appui et le devoir d’aller plus loin dans notre enquête.

Quelques jours plus tard, nous faisons la mauvaise rencontre de Akodo Kuno, un vassal de maître Matsu mais sans respect et intégrité. Par contre, sa mauvaise humeur semble diriger presqu’exclusivement sur Dosan. Sans connaître les détails, il est évident que Dosan ne se plaindra pas d’être accompagné par 3 samouraïs ainsi que 4 yojimbos. La situation dégénère lorsque Kuno insulte mon intégrité et mon honneur de samouraï en ignorant ma présence et ma tentative de négociation. Ses yojimbo ont payé le prix de son insolence, sa peau a connu la friction du feu destructeur mais il a réussi à éviter les griffes de notre tigre. Je redoute de revoir ce samourai sans respect, il est peut-être en mesure de nous nuire significativement dans notre entreprise.

Quelques heures plus tard, aider des Kamis de la terre, nous trouvons une caverne qui potentiellement peut nous faire découvrir des indices en rapport aux événement des dernières semaines et même éclairer nos lanternes en ce qui attrait au frère ou magistrat de Jade…

Into the bloody mine

200px bloodspeaker 2200px bloodspeaker 2

In front of us there is the empty mine, the expected location of the Blood Brother lair. All four of us are moving in, silently, knowing full well that we are on a very dangerous endeavour.

Our first encounter happens with a cart, a mule and a zombie. The zombie did not bother us as we were going around his business of dropping rocks in the cart. However is appearance start a debate amount us… Should we destroy it now or later? While they were some pro and cons we decided not to. Little Bird decided to peek in the cart to determine what was the material transported by the zombie. He discovered that is was Obsidian rocks…. Once Little Bird curiosity satisfied we start down the corridor again.

We then encounter two zombies and two humans working the mine. Slicing Wings asserted himself and ordered the humans to stand down as they were something illegal. What did he expect? These two fools are messing with blood magic! They would not simply surrender to unknown samurai walking in there lair… While one ran away, the other took up his axe and move forward to engage us in combat and at the same time he ordered the two adjacent zombies to attack us.

While the human engage Slicing Wings, the zombies engage Little Bird and me. While Bakana Hito was not engaging the zombie directly, he provided much appreciated support on my behalf. At that specific time, I was glad that I follow my gut felling and let him alive. Unfortunately even with Bakana Hito support, the zombie was able to graze me with his dead flesh….. not a very interesting thought.

While Little Bird was stuck between two zombies, he seems to acquit himself very well…. He kept moving passed each zombie without any problems.

The leaving dead are very difficult to destroy as they do not feel any pain…. I was getting tired… my arms started to feel heavier… At that moment, my mind recalls a saying from one of my old teacher:” What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease.” As it seems I cannot defeat this zombie with my strength, I need to use my mind to find an alternative. The purpose is not to destroy the creature but to render itself incapable of doing any harm to my or my companions. The easier way to do this would be to have the creature on the ground……. To succeed I do not have to overcome his strength or stamina but only his agility… by cutting its leg the creature should fall on the floor. Believing in this tactic, I started to target its legs. After a few swings, I succeed and the creature fell on the floor. While it was still moving the danger was by far reduce. Having gained some respite, I had time to realise that the other zombie and the merchant had been taken care of. Suddenly Little Bird arrives beside the zombie and with a might swing cut it in two. While I taught that Little Bird was all magic and no swordsmanship, I need to revise my prior evaluation of the Shugenja. He is formidable with both Fire and Sword.

With all enemies destroy; I had time to investigate the dead merchant. While I was not much interested in touching is dead flesh, we needed to find any incrementing piece of information. The only thing I found was some Koku.

As we went deeper into the mine, we discovered more zombies working the Obsidian. Slicing Wings and tried to used my techniques of leg cutting but it was not a success. It took too much time and effort. We decided to let them and destroy them on our way out of the mine. Going through the mine I question myself why was it the mine abandoned? It seems to have much obsidian left…. Is it part of the power play between the Governor and XXXX

At last we arrived at the last room. This one was a large one with a disgusting sights…. A human clothed in Unicorns colors was standing over the body of a women (the merchant that run away in the first battle). I must be the Jade Brother (and Jade Magistrate). They were also dozens of corpse piled up behind the Jade Brother. Her chest was completely open; the Jade Brother hands were dripping in blood while murmuring something.

While I step into the room, Slicing Wings did not move….. Was he afraid or did he lack courage? Being afraid is not shameful… any proper samurai would have been horrified by the scene in front of us. However, not being able to do the right thing even if you are afraid, that is the mark of a coward.

Little Bird forgot his sword and used his best weapon.. fire, unfortunately the Jade Brother walk out of the fire, with the head of his last sacrifice and throw some blood on me… IT’S HURT…… then two zombies arrived on me. With all my injuries it was impossible to try to cut the legs from underneath the zombies… While being assaulted by the zombies, Slicing Wings unfroze and moves toward the Jade Brother. While he was able to handle it’s own it is clear that he was getting as much as he was given. When Slicing Wings cut one of the hand of the Jade Brother, it became clear that he was not himself….. he seems to be possessed.

It became clear to me that zombie are mindless creatures and that the maybe they would turn to dust if the Jade Brother is destroyed. As such, I started to move away from the Zombies to get closer to the Slicing Wings and the Jade Brother. However he did not need my help as soon as he cut the Jade Brother second that the possession ended and he fell on the ground.

At the same time, a group of Lion Samurai arrived at the entrance of the room and started dispatching the zombies.


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