Shosuro Satoru

Kindly one-eyed Scorpion herbalist


Few people know much about Shosuro Satoru except that he is generally kind to children and that he has saved and/or healed many of the city’s most prominent members.

Rumours suggest that the one-eyed samura├» was exiled to Toshi sano Kanemochi Kaeru after a disagreement with his family daimyo shortly after the return of the clan in 1132. The nature of the disagreement is unknown as is the reason why exile was chosen over more traditional modes of discipline. His clan’s reputation and his chosen hobby made his first few years in the city difficult as he had to face multiple accusations of attemped assassination, but in time his knowledge of and skill with curative herbs earned him an honored place with the elite of the city although this somewhat diminished since the Lion takeover. In his old age, he has recently taken in a young ji-samurai to help him with his routine: Musashsi Nanbu.

Satoru is a short, balding man in his late fifties. What hair he has left is greyed with age. He still wears his clan colours and, of course, his mask, a red and white sort of half-mempo which covers the upper left part of his face including his left eye socket. He speaks softly and always has a kind word for children. He has been known to go out of his way to help even the children of heimin.

Shosuro Satoru

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