Mirumoto Yuuta

Takeshi's Father




Mirumoto Yuuta is from the Great Dragon Clan, descendant of the Tokeru Mirumoto. He has been trained as a Mirumoto Bushi at the great Iron Mountain Dojo in the ways of the Mirumoto Bushi School. For his great bravery in a past conflict with another clan, Yuuta was honorably retired to pursue the virtues of life, family and honor.

Yuuta has put it on himself to train his son, Takeshi, in the ways of the Mirumoto Bushi School.

Yuuta is married to Akemi, from the Dragonfly Clan. Their marriage was arranged as many others, and arranged marriages between the Dragon and Dragonfly clans are not uncommon. This is to reinforce the ties of the Dragonfly clan to the Dragon Clan.


Mirumoto Yuuta

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