Mirumoto Takeshi

Dragon Clan, Mirumoto Family, Mirumoto Bushi School.


General information:

Name: Mirumoto Takeshi
Clan: The Dragon Clan
Family: The Mirumoto Family
School: The Mirumoto Bushi School

Honor: 4.0 (lost 0.5)
Glory: 1
Status: 1
Insight / School Rank: 1 (Total of 120 insight points)

Rings / Traits:
Earth: 2 (Stamina 3/Willpower 2)
Air: 2 (Reflex 3/Awareness 2) (12 pts; +1 REF)
Fire: 3 (Agility 3/Intelligence 3) (12 pts; +1 INT)
Water: 2 (Strength 2/Perception 2)
Void: 2

*Skill Levels: (cost: 19 points)
Athletics (Strength) 1
Calligraphy (Intelligence) 1 (cost: 1)
Defense (Reflexes) 2 (cost: 2)
Etiquette (Awareness) 1 (cost: 1)
Iaijutsu (Reflexes) 1
Investigation (Perception) 1 (cost: 1)
Jiujutsu (Agility) 1 (cost: 1)
Kenjutsu (Katana, Agility) 5 (cost: 14); Rank 3: +1k0; Ran 5: Draw weapon as free action.
Kyujutsu (Reflexes) 1 (cost: 1)
Lore: Bushido (Intelligence) 1 (cost: 1)
Lore: Shugenja (Intelligence) 1
Lore: Theology (Intelligence) 1
Medicine (Intelligence) 1 (cost: 1)
Meditation (Void) 1
Sincerity (Awareness) 1 (cost: 1)

Points Left: 1

Advantages (cost: 14 points)
Ancestor: Mirumoto Tokeru 3
(from the Way of the Dragons p.62; Fits very well with character story.)
Clear thinker 2
You possess a sharp mind and keen powers of perception, making it very diffi cult for others to deceive you. Whenever you make a Contested Roll against someone who is attempting to confuse or manipulate you in any way, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of your roll.
Daredevil 3
Strength of the Earth 2
Touch of the Spirit Realm: Tengoku 4

Disadvantages (12 points)


Initiates of the Mirumoto Bushi School must master the basic principles of Niten, the two-sword technique founded by Mirumoto himself. When wielding a katana in your main hand and a wakizashi in your off hand, you suffer no penalties of any kind for dual wielding, and you gain a bonus of your School Rank to your Armor TN (this is cumulative with the normal bonus for wielding two weapons). Additionally, when you are targeted with a spell, you may raise or lower the TN of that spell’s Spellcasting Roll by 5.


Light Armor (TN 5; Reduction 3; +5 TN to all Athletics and Stealth rolls)
Sturdy Clothing
Daisho: Matched pair of Katana and Wakizashi
Katana (DR (3
str)k2) [can spend 1 void point to increase damage 1k1]
Wakizashi (DR (2
str)k 2)
Travelling Pack
5 koku
Kimono with Mirumoto family mon in steel grey against black.
Hand drawn portrait of a woman on a piece of parchment.

Students who had trained at the dojo were known to be adaptable and inventive. They were allowed to honor their dojo by wearing the Mirumoto family mon in steel grey against black on their kimono.


Takeshi is a young intelligent and resourceful lad, but his true talent lies in his exceptional fighting abilities. He is also a good-looking lad catching the eye and interest of many young women.

Takeshi’s father, Yuuta, noticed from a young age that Takeshi had the potential of being a great Bushi. He knew that one day his son would surpass even his great skills. At the age of five, under the guidance of his father, Takeshi was instructed in the ways of the Mirumoto Bushi School. At the age of 8, he later joined a local dojo to further his training in Mirumoto Bushi ways. Takeshi was now responsible to carry on the Mirumoto family tradition and their Niten technique.

At the age of 18, Takeshi’s father noticed that his son seemed to have lost his warrior spirit. In order to try to help his son, Takeshi’s father sent him to the Great Iron Mountain Dojo, the greatest of all Mirumoto teaching institutions.

At the dojo, Takeshi found a renewed focus for passion in the way of the two-sword technique. His training progressed well and he soon became the top student in his class. Takeshi is now driven to become one of the best Mirumoto Bushis in the Dragon Clan. All he can think about is his devotion to the Samurai way.

Mirumoto Takeshi

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