Matsu Katsuo

Provincial governor for a western Lion province


Few people would have expected the marriage of staid Daidoji Katsuo to fierce Matsu Hisako to yield such a harmonious result. Fortunately, Benten, fortune of romantic love chose to bless the union, as she often does when the Crane is involved, and, instead of being pushed apart by their differences, the two mates found that they complemented each other.

Katsuo took to his administrative duties far better than many male samurai might, finding pride where others might find shame and while his wife collected battle honours, Katsuo’s careful and proficient management of his wife’s estate earned him a provincial governorship, an honour rarely granted to mere spouses.

Unfortunately, Hisako was struck down by a mortal disease shortly after the birth of their first son, Matsu Ichiro. Katsuo’s grief was great and he mostly retreated from daily life. It is only shortly before the war of the rich frog that, with the help of brother Dōsan and the Tao, he began returning to his old self.

Katsuo is a striking man in his early forties. He has been blessed with the white hair normally associated with his Doji cousins. He his of average height and musculature, but with eyes that betray a deep and slow-burning intelligence.

Matsu Katsuo

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