Matsu Ichiro

Young impulsive Lion samurai


The only son of Matsu Katsuo and Hisako, some would say Matsu Ichiro inherited his father’s look and his mother’s rashness. The latter was compounded by the fact that, as part of his parents’ marriage agreement Ichiro trained in a Crane school, the Kakita bushi school, and adopted not only their techniques, but also their cockiness.

His mother’s untimely death and the subsequent withdrawal of his father’s positive influence threatened to turn him into a self-centered monster, but a lucky encounter with Brother Dōsan returned him to the right track.

Faults aside, Ichiro is a gregarious young man with an undeniable skill with the blade. He represented the Kakita school at the Topaz Championship, notably participating in the traditional opening duel between the Kakita and Mirumoto schools (defeating Mirumoto Takeshi) and coming in second over all, defeated only by a young scorpion samurai.

Ichiro is somewhat taller and more lithe than his father, but shares much of his striking appearance. Although he did not inherit Katsuo’s white hair, his mane is a particularly pale shade of blond.

Matsu Ichiro

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