Five Rings Rising

Takeshi Log - Into the mine

We are at the entrace of a mine. We can clearly hear mining activity, but still no one in sight except for the mule and cart.


While we debate our next course of action, we hear someone coming out. We stand at the ready! To our surprise, a walking undead abomination is carying some black rocks and dumping them into the cart. The mule does not move! We do the same and simply observe. The walking undead simply returns within the mine.

Clearly, we have found what we where looking for! Upon further investigation of the cart, we find that the contents is loaded with Osbidian Ore. Now why would an abandonned mine still be loaded with Obsidian? And who exactly is exploiting this to their advantage? Answers lay within the nest and our path clearly leads us into the Lion’s den.

As we enter, we find more undeads picking against the walls of the mine. They seem to be ignoring our presense for the time. Our path is also lighted by some strange magic.

As we decend into the mine, we come face to 2 individuals. They seemed to be simply dressed and had axes at their side.

I immediately speak out and demand that their stop their illegal activities and surrender in the name of Governor Matso Katsuo. With some hesitation the honorless foes react. One of the bandits run away like a coward. The other draws her axe and orders the dead to attack.
Fine! We’ll do it the hard way. Our group proves themselves worthy and quickly dispatches the evil.

We continue deeper into the mine. We find many undead mining and picking away at the walls. How can these abominations continue to live? Our group decides it may be prudent to destroy them one by one before a general order is given by their evil master to attack us.

The task was harder than it seemed as these undead abominations do not go down easy. We therefore decide to pursue our original course of action and find the evil culprit responsible for this plague.

We finally arrived at the end of the mine, a large room which was host to more abominations. There stood a human in Unicorn colors in front of an altar which laid the body of the other women that run away from us. Clearly she did not meet her master’s expectations and she answered for it with death. Behind the bloody human, there was a pile of corpses. The room also has a couple of undead going about their business.

What happened next was a mess of horror. The blood master ordered his abonimations to attack. I tried to assess the situation and noticed that the blood brother had iron spikes through his hands. Could this be the source of his powers?

Spike hands

The blood foe spoke in a twisted voice and mentioned that the jade magistrate was no loger there. We quickly deduced that he was the jade magistrate! But why would he be doing this? Power? money?

I tried to protect Arika-San as he seemed to not be a true bushi, but soon realised that he could hold his own. He had blasted his foe and the mound of undead corpses into flames. But the blood borther stepped out of the flames with the head of the woman which he threw towards my scorpion friend.

I decided to engage the blood brother and in a moment of clear though, I knew I had to try and cut the hands and rid this monster of his source of power.

The battle was fierce and the blood brother was fast. But I did managed to cut one of his hands off. With this, a surprising turn of events! The blood brother hesitate for a moment and spoke. His voice has changed to a more human tone and painfully begged us to cut the other hand off…

As this was happening, we saw that the corpes were rising from the dead and we could soon be put to the ground. Arika

The fight went on. In a last moment of desperation, our group managed to cut the blood bother’s other hand off.

At the same time, a group of Lion Samurai arrived in the room. It was our coward Lion friend who had returned with reinforcements. Praying that this Lion was not blinded or also affected by the corruption, we yelled out and directed him to kill off the remaining undead. Prayers answered, the band of Lion samurais complied and with that, the battle was over!

Well the Samurai did have some honor in him after all. That Lion just regained trust in my eyes. I am glad because I can barely stand now. Battle being over, I immediately applied more of that jade cream on my wounds as I did not want to be affected by the taint.


Cardinalis dberthelotte

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