Five Rings Rising

Takeshi Log - Finding the mine

After dealing with the Ninja traitor encounter, we managed to capture one of the hornorless enemies. Interrogation revealed some interesting facts.

We learned that our little honorless soul was ordered to kill everyone except our host, Shosuro Satoru. But why kill everyone except the master of the house? Very strange. The assasin also said he received his orders from the Jade Brother. He said the Brother left town after he received the visit from his master. We learned that the Brother left of a mine.

In the following days, our gracious host went to visit a Jade Magistrate of his, but we later learned that he was indisposed. Further inquiries revealed that the Magistrate was not seen to many weeks.

Our groups suspecion runs wild and beging to think there may be a link between the Magistrate’s dissapearance which may tie him to the Jade Brother. Some think they could be the same person.

With Shosuro Satoru help, we tried to identify nearby mines in adjencent territories as there are no mines near the city of Toshi sano Kanemochi Kaeru (City of the Rich Frog). We consult some maps and identify possible locations which falls close or even in govornor Matsu Katsuo’s territory.

We all decide that we cannot leave our gracious host in this predicament. I offer my sword and my services as a Dragon to help solve the mystery and put an end to the undead plague that is infecting this countryside.

We decide to form a group composed of myself, Dôsan the Monk, Isawa Arika a Shugenja and Musashsi Nanbu, a scorpion. We receive papers from our host and some medicine and information which is to be delived to Governor Matsu Katsuo.

After many days of travel, we finally enter the territory of the Governor. It does not take long that we are interecepted and led to a Lion camp. To our surprise, it was lead by the Govornor’s son Matsu Ichiro-san; an old friend and rival.

We explained what had happened at the City of the Rich frog and that we are on a mission to seek out the corruption of these lands. We gave the message from Shosuro Satoru and medicines that can help in the dealing with the taint. We also explained to Ishiro that we suspect that there could be a base of operation in nearby abandonned mines. We are informed and pointed to a nearby canyon which could be the location that we seek.

Ichiro provides our group with a team of samurais which are put under my responsibility, and we make our way towards the hills and small canyon.


Our group is lead by scorpion fried which takes us down some abandonned trails. After many hours, we seemed to be making little progress and our scorpion friend seemed to be going out of his way to getting us lost.

Suddenly, we find ourselves face to a group of indivuals. Not knowing friend from foe, we decide to confront this group of samurais. Surprisingly, we met up with a Lion patrolling these trails. And even grater surprise, their leader is an old acquaintance that we met during a supper at the Governor’s house. We did not leave on good terms.

We approched the patrol and entered a discussion. Their leader said we were trespacing on their land and that we should leave. He was responsible for the protection of this territory. We refused and explained that we were under the authority of Matsu Ishiro, the governor’s son and investigating the region.

Seven samurai patrol

Their leader seemed to be looking for blood and drew his sword first. That is with lightning speed that my Shugenja friend engulfed the Lion patrol into flames. Their leader fleeded the scene as his comorades burned and died in the flames. Very unfortunate for that covard and honorless fool. We could have tried to talk further by I guess blood had to be spilt.

After that incident, our group took care of the dead and we decided to pursue our investigation. It is odd to see that Lion coward protecting a region which is suspected to be the base of operation of corrupt abominations.

Still not making much progress, Arika-san suggest he use his magic to contact some earth spirits to help us find the mines. We agree and not soon after, we beging following him. Astonished, the magic leads us to a mine.

There is no one at the entrace expect a cart and mule. But there is definately some activity here and we hear mining operations. Our group decide that this needs to be investigated further!


Cardinalis dberthelotte

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