Five Rings Rising

O mae wa mo shindeiru

The interrogation of the prisoner yield information that clearly show that the Jade magistrate knows by my Master is a Jade Brother of the Bloodspeakers who is traveling to the Lion lands. This create an opportunity that need to be carefully cultivated.

During our travel to follow the Jade Brother, I have discovered that Dosan is a bakana hito. He must be favored by the heaven to have reach his venerable age without wisdom and proper respect to his better. While I will not take his life yet since he may a part to play yet in the upcoming events against the Bloodspeakers (and the upcoming war), others may not show the same restraint. .. I shall not shed a tear if it happen before I lose my own self-controlled.

Shitsureina maneshinai desu ne
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Cardinalis derfelca

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