Five Rings Rising

Letter - From Takeshi to MirumotoYuuta (father)

Mirumoto Yuuta,

I am writing to you from the City of the Rich Frog. I have seen strange things and was sent here by the Matsu Katsuo, the governor. Let me explain!

Arriving in the Matso village, I was greeted with a warm welcome. I trained for many days and I met some interesting people. During my stay, it was discuvered that peasants had been disappearing from the western edge of the Lion’s land. With the help of a respected Monk called Dōsan and Ichiro-San, we explored the country side for clues. Our group decided to investigate a small hill and what we saw was a terrifying picture. It looked like a mass grave of butchered, bloodied people that were piled one upon another. And just then, we were taken by a greater surprise as three of the dead corpses stood up and attacked us. During the battle, Dōsan yelled and said we could kill the foul ones by cutting their heads. With great agility, Ichiro and I quickly dispatched these walking dead abominations. During the battle I was scratched by one of the undead and could see Dōsan worried look.

We quickly formed a perimeter and summoned the Governor. Matsu Katsuo. He seemed worried by what he saw and immediately demanded explanations. As we explained what happened, his worried look grew. I was told that my wound may be infected. The governor instructed that I should go to the City of the Rich Frog to seek healing. I travel quickly and escort the eta and Dōsan to the city. We were also instructed to not speak of what had transpired here to anyone, except to the people we were to meet in the City of the Rich Frog.

Dōsan and I then travelled to Toshi sano Kanemochi Kaeru, the city of the Rich Frog. We met up with our gracious host, Shosuro Satoru. That is when things turned for the worst.

During our stay, we found another undead within the residense. We quickly dispatched the abomination to later learn that the person had been close to death and transformed to a walking dead. It seems the samurai in question was Isawa (Shima) Akihiko, a relative of Isawa Arika, a young scared Shugenja who was also on the scene. There was also Musashsi Nanbu, a bushi of the scorpion clan who helped rid us of the abonimation.

During the night’s stay at Shosuro Satoru, we were then attacked by what seemed to be a group of ninjas.They tried to kill us all. We managed to capture an assailant and got some information. He talked about a Jade Brother and we also learned about a mine…

Shosuro Satoru tried to communicate with a close friend who was a Jade Magistrate, but learned he was indisposed. We could not help but think that the Jade Brother and Jade Magistrate could be the same person.

Also interesting fact is thhat the city is currently the center of a power struggle between the Lion, the Unicorn and the Kaeru family. I hope for our sake that one of these are not responsible for the use of black arts and raising abominations.

With the help of Isawa Akihiko, Dōsan and Musashsi Nanbu, we are to set out and help our host track down the source of these troubled times.

Your son, Marumoto Takeshi.

[This letter was sent from takeshi to his family before leaving for the “mine”.]



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