Five Rings Rising

Introduction Arc - Epilogue - Part I

Time seemed to stand still after Takeshi cut off Iuchi Tang’s second wrist. The young samurai and their monk ally had ample time to consider the hopelessness of their situation. Even as the spirit of the Jade Magistrate reclaimed its body, now rid of its cursed obsidian nails and, by extension, its puppet master, the pile of corpses behind the altar began to rise.

Takeshi, barely standing, adjusted his grip on his weapon, hoping to at least take one of the abominations with him before he fell. Arika, knowing the kami had already given him much today, raised his wakizashi. Musashi settled himself next to the Dragon, the only tactically advantageous position. And Dosan, nearly-uncentered, looked up just in time to see Akodo Kuno enter the chamber with a small group of Lion samurai. For a second that felt like months, the heroes apprehended his intentions, but in the end, they finally had a chance to witness the vaunted Lion honour, for despite his personal resentment, the young officer quickly led his men in a charge against the monstrosities.

The fight that ensued was quick and vicious and only one of the lions fell to the risen dead. Akodo Kuno bid his men to burn the remains, including that of his fallen bushi, and to escort Akira, Dosan, Musashi and Takeshi out of the mine. In a daze, the four let themselves be led out a little ways from the mine. It’s only a short time before their ashigaru escort from earlier join them and explain that Akodo Kuno sent two of them to fetch Matsu Ichiro and asked the rest to wait with them.


Cardinalis Cardinalis

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