Five Rings Rising

Into the bloody mine

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In front of us there is the empty mine, the expected location of the Blood Brother lair. All four of us are moving in, silently, knowing full well that we are on a very dangerous endeavour.

Our first encounter happens with a cart, a mule and a zombie. The zombie did not bother us as we were going around his business of dropping rocks in the cart. However is appearance start a debate amount us… Should we destroy it now or later? While they were some pro and cons we decided not to. Little Bird decided to peek in the cart to determine what was the material transported by the zombie. He discovered that is was Obsidian rocks…. Once Little Bird curiosity satisfied we start down the corridor again.

We then encounter two zombies and two humans working the mine. Slicing Wings asserted himself and ordered the humans to stand down as they were something illegal. What did he expect? These two fools are messing with blood magic! They would not simply surrender to unknown samurai walking in there lair… While one ran away, the other took up his axe and move forward to engage us in combat and at the same time he ordered the two adjacent zombies to attack us.

While the human engage Slicing Wings, the zombies engage Little Bird and me. While Bakana Hito was not engaging the zombie directly, he provided much appreciated support on my behalf. At that specific time, I was glad that I follow my gut felling and let him alive. Unfortunately even with Bakana Hito support, the zombie was able to graze me with his dead flesh….. not a very interesting thought.

While Little Bird was stuck between two zombies, he seems to acquit himself very well…. He kept moving passed each zombie without any problems.

The leaving dead are very difficult to destroy as they do not feel any pain…. I was getting tired… my arms started to feel heavier… At that moment, my mind recalls a saying from one of my old teacher:” What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease.” As it seems I cannot defeat this zombie with my strength, I need to use my mind to find an alternative. The purpose is not to destroy the creature but to render itself incapable of doing any harm to my or my companions. The easier way to do this would be to have the creature on the ground……. To succeed I do not have to overcome his strength or stamina but only his agility… by cutting its leg the creature should fall on the floor. Believing in this tactic, I started to target its legs. After a few swings, I succeed and the creature fell on the floor. While it was still moving the danger was by far reduce. Having gained some respite, I had time to realise that the other zombie and the merchant had been taken care of. Suddenly Little Bird arrives beside the zombie and with a might swing cut it in two. While I taught that Little Bird was all magic and no swordsmanship, I need to revise my prior evaluation of the Shugenja. He is formidable with both Fire and Sword.

With all enemies destroy; I had time to investigate the dead merchant. While I was not much interested in touching is dead flesh, we needed to find any incrementing piece of information. The only thing I found was some Koku.

As we went deeper into the mine, we discovered more zombies working the Obsidian. Slicing Wings and tried to used my techniques of leg cutting but it was not a success. It took too much time and effort. We decided to let them and destroy them on our way out of the mine. Going through the mine I question myself why was it the mine abandoned? It seems to have much obsidian left…. Is it part of the power play between the Governor and XXXX

At last we arrived at the last room. This one was a large one with a disgusting sights…. A human clothed in Unicorns colors was standing over the body of a women (the merchant that run away in the first battle). I must be the Jade Brother (and Jade Magistrate). They were also dozens of corpse piled up behind the Jade Brother. Her chest was completely open; the Jade Brother hands were dripping in blood while murmuring something.

While I step into the room, Slicing Wings did not move….. Was he afraid or did he lack courage? Being afraid is not shameful… any proper samurai would have been horrified by the scene in front of us. However, not being able to do the right thing even if you are afraid, that is the mark of a coward.

Little Bird forgot his sword and used his best weapon.. fire, unfortunately the Jade Brother walk out of the fire, with the head of his last sacrifice and throw some blood on me… IT’S HURT…… then two zombies arrived on me. With all my injuries it was impossible to try to cut the legs from underneath the zombies… While being assaulted by the zombies, Slicing Wings unfroze and moves toward the Jade Brother. While he was able to handle it’s own it is clear that he was getting as much as he was given. When Slicing Wings cut one of the hand of the Jade Brother, it became clear that he was not himself….. he seems to be possessed.

It became clear to me that zombie are mindless creatures and that the maybe they would turn to dust if the Jade Brother is destroyed. As such, I started to move away from the Zombies to get closer to the Slicing Wings and the Jade Brother. However he did not need my help as soon as he cut the Jade Brother second that the possession ended and he fell on the ground.

At the same time, a group of Lion Samurai arrived at the entrance of the room and started dispatching the zombies.


Cardinalis derfelca

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